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How to Start an onlyfans without Followers

Sep 30, 2022

How to Start an onlyfans without Followers

I will start by addressing the elephant in the room. The title of this blog is how to start an onlyfans without followers, but this blog is not about content on onlyfans, promoting your onlyfans account, or joining onlyfans. This is not about how to start an onlyfans account, becoming onlyfans creators, or managing an onlyfans page. We're not sharing how to make money on onlyfans, or create a successful onlyfans page. We don't care about onlyfans.

We are looking for models to join our exclusive invitation-only platform, Any Tom, Dick, and Jane can start an onlyfans page. We're not interested in that. We are a brand... we know who fits our brand image & why, and we are comfortable with maintaining what works for our brand. We have a Models to Millionaires channel available on Roku and Amazon Fire TV. We produce podcast, and a myriad of other content to help promote our content creators. Take a look at this funny prank video we produced to market our sexy model Paige.

Now with those formalities out of the way, this leads us into our first tip on how to start a profile without any followers.


Now when we say "focus on quality" we're not saying your videos and images need to look like they were produced by Sports Illustrated, but try put some effort into delivering quality content by maybe buying a ring light, and a cheap DSLR. Some of the phone cameras are phenomenal too, and will speed up your workflow.

You don't want to take forever to produce new content, because you struggle with your equipment, or editing process workflow. Successful creators put in the work before they start making money.


YouTube is the second largest website in the world, and the second largest search engine in the world. And it is 95% visual. Use YouTube to your advantage! Create content on YouTube that could attract subscribers to your Models to Millionaires account. I think you could start out by simply creating a video podcast show discussing things that interest you like dating tips, or pop culture, or a favorite competition Reality TV show which is popular or trending. You can leverage that topic to find people that are attracted to what you have to say, and then may want to see some of your exclusive content.

Keep in mind this technique leverages the popularity of the content you are talking about. So if your video podcast is about a TV show, selecting a current TV show that is doing well and has lots of viewers might be smarter than talking about an older show you are like Dukes of Hazard. that you are only watching on reruns. But I don't know, sometimes what's old is new... and that could really work as well. So TV ratings aside, most importantly, use something you are passionate about. If your viewers are passionate about it too, then it can really work for you on YouTube. I think this is the hook at work behind many Cosplay models success. Their fans are truly engaged in the entertainment of the Cosplay genre first and foremost.

So get on YouTube, be creative, and give it a shot! Also don't just throw your videos up there. If you're going to do it, do it big! Work with a YouTube SEO specialist, to help maximize the potential traffic viewing your videos. We have partners that specialize in YouTube SEO.


Blogging is an excellent way to gain traffic to you. And it might be more fun for you than simply posting pictures on social media. You can really develop your brand image, on your own website, and you don't have to worry about the social media platform you spent a lot of time posting on banning you, or shutting down suddenly (see Vine).

What you will need to do to create a successful blog is, learn how to research useful keywords to build up your domain authority and website visitor traffic. If that seems to technical, or daunting to you, just hire someone else that knows how to do it. Again at (M2M) we will perform keyword research to help you build your blog traffic as a separate service. We're not going to cost an arm and a leg to perform our services for you, because at the end of the day, it is in our best interest to help you drive more traffic to your M2M profile anyway.

** Special note though, because we are so affordable we reserve our services for only certain models. If you are selling your exclusive content only here on we are much more inclined to provide our top marketing services for you at a discounted rate, than a model that has multiple accounts with our direct competitors. It's a business, and we're not in the business of driving traffic to our competitors at a discount rate. So please be mindful of that before contact us to help with your SEO. We put the most effort into helping models that work with us exclusively. If M2M is the only place your fans can find your exclusive content, then it makes sense for us to help you build your traffic. And we are willing to put our experts to use for you for a nominal fee!

Paid Posts on other Social Media Accounts

You probably get a lot of PR social media accounts directly messaging you to pay for a post on their page to up your visibility and traffic. While this is perhaps my least favorite thing, because you don't always know how real their following is, if the price is low enough, and not breaking the bank - I say don't be afraid to try that and see the response. Some are good, some are not.

I see too many models chasing brands for exposure on a particular brands Instagram page to get more views, and LIKES on their own profile. You can accomplish virtually the same thing by just paying $20-50 for a post on a successful Instagram page with a large following. And some of the PR accounts that solicit you, will even offer a free trial for a limited time so you can see the influx of traffic, or LIKES on your page. This basically accomplishes the same thing! So there's really no need to stalk a brand, or particular photographers Instagram simply to market your profile. There are plenty of ways to build your brand recognition without waiting in line for that.


As you can see there are several creative ways to build a subscriber base without having any real following on social media. So don't let that stop you. Here's a BONUS tip. When you first start your profile on you really need to get content up rather quickly. When potential subscribers drop by your profile and see you only have 5-10 posts on your profile and you've had your account for a month... that's probably not an account they want to pay for.

Dripping content to slowly will grind your subscriber growth rate to a snails pace! What we are seeing is that it takes about 40 posts before fans are willing to pay for a monthly subscription. That seems to be what we've noticed.

It could be beneficial in the very beginning if you can't create content very fast, to offer your subscription for free, and post some teasing content. And then have a good mix of Pay-per-view (PPV) content. Or offer paid livestreams. A lot of users really love interacting with you, and that may be the easiest way to make some dollars while you build up your on-demand profile content. Why do Instagram Live or Twitch for free all day, when you can get paid for it on your profile? Use those outlets just enough to bring you subscribers that will pay to see more.

**Check out this models page... She has made some of her less risqué images available to wet the users appetite, but to see more explicit content you have to subscribe to her for a fee.

When you do use YouTube, Twitch, or Instagram maybe wear something suggestive, but don't give away too much of the goods. Guys will pay for sexy bikini photos if they are exclusive enough. But if your Instagram page is full of that content on your account free of charge. Well no one is going to pay for that when they can see a bunch of bikini images of you already free on your Instagram. The art is truly, "Leave them wanting more." And then "he who seeks, shall find."

That's how you bring them to the Promised Land... which is your profile on the land of milk and honey!


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