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How to Start an onlyfans without showing your Face

Sep 30, 2022

How to Start an onlyfans without showing your Face.

Again let me start by addressing the elephant in the room... This is not really about how to start an onlyfans without showing your face. We don't want you to even start an onlyfans, we don't want to promote your onlyfans. We're not advocating for you to become an onlyfans creator.

This is not about how to stay anonymous on onlyfans. This is not about using onlyfans anonymously, or how to make money on onlyfans (or "only fans"... however you type it).............

We want you to submit your images to us first, and we'll let you know if we can accept you on platform or not. You may, or may not already know that we are an invite-only platform (all may apply, but not all will be accepted).

If you aren't one of the models we accept right away, then you go to onlyfans, or another similar platform. Any Tom, Dick, and Jane can open an onlyfans account, and that's what basically separates us from them. We believe in quality control, and we have a brand image, we know our brand, and we look for talent that fits it.

We think it's totally plausible to create a profile on our platform, that can thrive, and be successful without showing your face. Obviously you need to have some other assets to make up for omitting your pretty face. But I've seen this trend develop on other website platforms like onlyfans, and we are certainly OK with it here.

As long as you can create content to generate enough revenue, and you're happy with your bank account, then we'll call it a success. So here's our advice for content creators wishing to start a profile on without showing their face to remain anonymous.

1) Might as well use a sexy alias name... Create new social media accounts with your sexy alias name to promote your Models to millionaires profile. You don't need to load them up with content. You just need to provide a few suggestive photos, with your to promote your content on

2) Decide how you are going to stay anonymous. Meaning, are you gonna crop your face from the shot, or do you wanna blur your face out after you shoot your content. Both have advantages, and disadvantages.

Cropping your face out of the shop means you will save time editing your contact in post production. Blurring your face out allows you to have much more freedom of movement while you were shooting versus having to make sure everything you shoot is below the chin.

There are probably a myriad of different things you could do like wearing a face mask, or wearing sunglasses, wearing a baseball cap. Developing a heavily make up'ed cosplay character... Or even consider if you want to use a voice changer? It all depends on how far you wanna go to remain anonymous.

3) Don't promote your account on your personal social media platforms. You can never be too sure if you can trust fans to keep a secret. So just don't risk it, because some people love exposing secrets which may get back to your family, friends, or coworkers.

4) Consider your Tattoos, Birthmarks, and Scars. You may have any one of these things, or all of these things that could personally identify you. So if that's an issue then you're gonna have to either wear costumes, and wardrobe that covers these areas of your body. Or you're gonna have to edit them out with Photoshop to mask these tell-tell signs.

5) Avoid shooting in front of backgrounds that identify your location. Many times that will mean avoid shooting outdoors... not always... for example, shooting on a beach in the sand, might be generic enough that no one can really identify your location, but for the most part you're gonna want to just avoid shooting outdoors at all.

6) Market to a specific niche. I always say, "The riches are in the niches." And that is as true here as it is anyplace else. If you have a particularly nice bubble booty... then market yourself as the best "bubble booty" model online... Be creative... and play to your strengths.

7) You can use the GeoBlocking feature on to block certain geographic locations from viewing your profile. Maybe that will keep your cousins in Ireland from stumbling onto your profile and telling the rest of your family.

8) Ignore the peer pressure. People WILL pressure you to show your face! Why?!?!... Because that is the fantasy...

They fantasize about whether they will behold the moment that you reveal your mysterious identity.

THAT is the hand you must play... you must play your hand, while never revealing your hand, right? Find a way to playfully flirt this peer pressure off with them. No matter what they promise...

Of course if your decision is really just a ploy, or gimmick for you to keep their interest... you could up charge fans to see your face in a private message. But keep in mind they may leak these screenshots... So if maintaining your secret identity really does matter to you, and this is more than a gimmick to up sale fans, then I'd recommend never showing your face to any fans. Just because you never know.

9) Contact us at, and we can make accommodations to blur the identifying areas of your face out of your images and videos.

Whether you want to show your face or not, is up to you. Hiding, or masking your face has its advantages, as far as maintaining privacy.

It also has its disadvantages too, as far as marketing and cross-promoting on other platforms. You can promote on social media... But let's say you get some TV or magazine exposure, you won't be able to capitalize off of that.

Another option you have specifically on is we can hide your profile from the public. We can keep it off our explorer page. And you could promote your profile by handing out business cards, or flyers to interested guys. Or you can message potential fans directly on social media to make them aware of your profile on

Remember, ultimately this should be fun. You're not out digging ditches for a living. You are in the business of providing the fantasy. And if that's not fun, then what is the point?

Stay within your comfort zone. And don't give away too much on free social media platforms. That makes it tougher to sell anything else to fans. I'd rather start off with the idea that less is more in the long run.

These steps above will help you earn money while staying anonymous. When you are ready to take the next step, visit our homepage and create your account!


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