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How to Start an onlyfans Agency

Sep 29, 2022

How to Start an onlyfans Agency

Okay so let's start with the elephant in the room... We don't want you to start an Onlyfans Agency. We are hoping to find good agencies to work with us here on That's the obvious starting place for this discussion. With that out of the way we can discuss how to start an Onlyfans Agency, knowing that we are really talking about a Models to Millionaires agency. Let us begin.

First of all you need these three elements in order to be an effective agency in this industry niche.

  1. Capacity to Recruit Talent
  2. Capacity to Help Talent
  3. Ability to Market Talent

1) Recruit Talenting

This may seem simple, but it's not as easy as it may appear. Most entrepreneurs that want to start an agency, probably already have their talent lead sources in place. But there is a good-sized segment of entrepreneurs that do not. You have to be comfortable with rejection. If you see, or meet a potential talent, the time for action is right then. Don't let the fear of rejection keep you from approaching that potential talent. You may not ever see them again. So at least try to make a connection to chat with them about your agency at a later time.

Probably your easiest way to approach talent is start with people you know... actual friends that you have that perhaps even have said something like, "I would model online, but I'm too lazy to keep up with another posting." Those people do exist all over the place. And that is a person you can help. If they will supply you with content, then you can do their postings for them. *Quick note about this though... their is a thin line between posting on behalf of your client (like any fan page manager might do on any website), and impersonating your client to defraud/extort a third party of money. The latter can get you into hot water water quickly.

If customers are giving you money because they think, they are talking to the actual talent in their message box, you may be defrauding them of money and that is a federal crime... So just stay away from managing their actual inbox of messages. Make the talent do that, or make it clear on the site, that the profile is run by an account manager. Here are a couple links about an agency that is embroiled in multiple lawsuits over this very kind of activity, while impersonating their talent online.

If you don't know any potential models then, talk to some on social media. But in general for this to be effective, they are going to want to see a clear advantage as to why they should work with you. Which leads us to...

2) Have the Capacity to Help Talent

Usually someone that wants to start an agency feels that way, because they have a unique advantage in the market for why they can be helpful. Maybe you can produce great photography or video content for them. These kind of skills can add value to the talent, and not be just someone earning a piece of their commission. As with any job in life, you must ADD VALUE or you won't be there long. Adding value can come in several forms. Content Creation &/or Marketing! Either you actually perform the Photography/Videography, or you Fund/Produce the content creation.

3) Ability to Market

An all too often neglected skillset needed for ANY business is marketing! People jump into things, or businesses because they know how to bake a cake, or paint a house... But usually they don't know how to market their goods and services and inevitably that's how most new business fail. So if you're going to be an effective agency then you must have at least one of these three things going for you, if not all of these things below... And if you don't have any of these three things, then you must be willing to at least pay someone else that does have one of these assets.

A) You have a successful blog that drives traffic to whatever links you promote.

B) You have a large following on social media like Instagram, or a successful YouTube channel that gets other people noticed and discovered. And you know how to build a large following on social media with true organic followers that have the potential to convert into money for you and your talent. **If you buy 100,000 followers that honestly will do you ABSOLUTELY NO GOOD, because most of them are dummy accounts that will never purchase a thing you are selling. Only 100% real traffic has the potential to convert. There is no shortcut here.

And even traffic just for traffic's sake is not worth it... There are companies that will sell you a bunch of "views/traffic"... but they are simply running paid Google/Yahoo/Bing ads to your content, and buying a lot of traffic from places in India, or where ever else the Cost-per-click (CPC) may be super cheap, but the traffic that comes over to your website/blog/social media account, could never afford to buy what you are selling!!.... So again, what's the point?!?!

C) You are an SEO superstar and you and you know how to build traffic to a website that will funnel potential customers to your talents account.

D) You have the seed money to spend on the professionals that can perform some of any, or all of the skills above. You can pay us here on to help create, or market your profile on our online or TV platform.


4) In Conclusion

We want to see everybody win and be successful here on We are looking for Female Models and Modeling Agencies to work and develop with here on our platform exclusively.

If you have some wonderful models for us to meet, we appreciate that. We will offer Agencies a piece of our platform commission for the entire life of the talents account. That is going to be a better deal than you will find from any of our competitors presently.

We are super selective about the talent we onboard to the platform... Because we do have a brand image we adhere to. We don't allow oversaturated models. Models that give away too much for free on social media is another problem. Yes, we have even seen models with sexier Instagram accounts that the subscription social media accounts they are trying to get people to pay for.

Feel free to submit photos to our gmail account below of models you represent and we will let you know if they fit our brand.

If you'd like to chat more, feel free to email us at MODELSTOMILLIONAIRES@GMAIL.COM or INFO@MODELSTOMILLIONAIRES.COM. Sometimes our messages go to your Spam/Junk folder, or our good friends at Google like to warn people of our potential "phishing scam risk." That's their way of getting us to move to their SMTP email servers... and we are in the process of doing that.

We hope that was truly helpful, and we look forward to hearing from you!


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