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How to make Money as a Cam Girl (on

Oct 01, 2022

How to make Money as a Cam Girl (on

Working as a cam model has some real potential. I know four models that are making between $500K-$1.5 million per year by incorporating cam modeling into their business. What started out perhaps as just extra money has exploded into a full-fledged cam business.

And think about it... it offers the fan a level of intimacy they just can't get by watching video-on-demand. Now don't get me wrong, I will always prefer video-on-demand over anything else. Why??? Because I can get it on demand. But by adding webcam modeling to your mix as a content creator you definitely can earn more money, in very part time hours. is not a "camming" site per say, but it doesn't have to be a dedicated live cam site, like all the other webcam sites out there to be effective. Think about this; I was explaining to a friend of mine, imagine doing a live stream for 30 minutes everyday. If you have only 5-10 fans watching your stream, and you charge $25 per viewer. That's a total revenue of $125-250 every day. If you actually did that 7 days a week $875-$1750 total revenue per week. Now subtract our platform commission of 20% (like most model sites), and that's a total model earnings of $700-1400 per week. Not bad for a, "working from home gig."

How to make Money as a Cam Girl
How to make Money as a Cam Girl

Now imagine building up from those very attainable & minimal numbers to 20-50 people joining your live streams everyday. Now what kind money is that? $500-1,250 in only 30 minutes. Do that 7 days a week and you're earning $3500-8750/week! Now imagine getting like 100 livestream viewers/day... at $25 each, that becomes $2500/day, or $17,500/week! Calculate this further and it's $910,000/year in revenue!! This isn't an astronomically huge subscriber based either. Even if only 20 fans paid you $25/day to view your live stream, that's $182,500/year total revenue from only 20 people/day paying you $25. Minus our platform fee, equals $146,000/year gross income! That's a really good business model.

Now in order to make those kind of dollars without even adding extras like; private chats, or private shows. You probably need 2x-4x as many subscribers in order to average the number of viewers you want everyday. But the revenue numbers are staggering when you look at the huge potential from only 20 fans/day tuning in. That's literally less than a 4-hour work week. Now who can't do that?!?!?

That' a business model completely worth building! Maybe you don't even work weekends... Okay so now you've punched in on the clock for 2.5 hours a week instead of 3.5 hours a week.

The keys are:

  1. Develop your niche. Are you a Cosplay model, Burlesque Dancer, Twerker, Bikini/Lingerie Poser, No-Face model... what's the recurring theme that your fans can expect to get from you. It helps to have a basic repeatable formula for your show, just like a YouTube channel, or any other TV show you tune into.
  2. Share your programming schedule early, so your fans know ahead of time, and can plan to tune in to what they want to see, if they want to participate live.
  3. Consistency, consistency, consistency... you can't build an audience without taking the first steps. Everyone has to start somewhere. And starting and stopping over, and over again, sandbags any momentum you're developing.
  4. Have patience, don't expect to blow up over night... You may... but you probably won't. Marketing your profile through social media, website SEO, YouTube... any and all of these marketing tools can help grow your cam business. But it might take a minute to figure out what works.
  5. Good timing is important to... Schedule a few shows during the day, and schedule some at night too. That way fans working various shifts have a better chance to see some of your content live.
  6. Pay attention to the chat room, but don't let it keep you from doing you (no pun intended).
How to be a cam girl
How to make Money as a Cam Girl

If you give this a try at $25 per person, even if you only had 1 person viewing a day, that is $175/week of extra money. Or about $700/month revenue. And $560/month after platform commission. That's a nice car payment. So now imagine just 2 people/day is $1120/month gross income, and 3 people/day is $1680/month. That's rent in most of the U.S... 4 people/day is $2240... If most people made an extra $2000+/month it would be life changing.

So you see, cam modeling can add up quickly even for a brand new model, if you work it like a business instead of only random sporadic live streaming shows. So now I hope this motivates you to take action! Submit to today and get your "cam-on!"

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